Life Insurance in Canada: Testimonials

"My testimonial – the customer service is excellent. They took the time to ensure I was well informed and understood the information presented. Very customer focused, set appointment times and location to meet our family’s busy schedule."

Larry and Lorna, London, ON

"It's not often that you get to meet the President/CEO of the company when setting up life insurance, but I had the rare opportunity when Tom Charalampidis of First Class Assurance came to meet with me.
I greatly appreciated Tom taking the time to meet with me at my home, so early in the morning and in such miserable weather.
Finding a better insurance plan was something that I needed to do, but between work and taking care of an ailing relative, it was difficult to find the time to meet with someone at an office during business hours.
I was not only impressed with Tom's knowledge of insurance products & his ability to find the plan best suited for me, but with his straightforward, pressure-free approach in providing the information. It was also a refreshing and pleasant surprise to discover that, despite his success, he's retained the ability to relate in a personal, kind, down-to-earth way...something I've found lacking in a lot of people these days (whether they're successful or not). In addition, Joanne (one of the administrators) was the first person I spoke with at First Class Assurance and has also been really pleasant to deal with. Since the Executive Assistants are often a client's first impression of a company and, at times, are the ones primarily in contact with the client, it's vital for them to be good-natured, informed and organized...all of which she is.
You can tell that the friendly, knowledgeable and efficient customer what really makes this company "First Class"."

Amanda, Hamilton, ON

"We found Steve easy to follow, and he was very patient with us when we didn't understand a concept. We asked countless questions, and he never tired of us, but always gave us clear, concise answers. We also found that he did his research well, and thereby was able to match our needs. We highly recommend Steve to anyone who requires insurance information and service."

William, Beamsville, ON

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